Keyboard Repair

The keyboard is an important element of a computer or laptop. However, like everything else, it is subject to wear and tear.

Keys can become unresponsive with use, making typing difficult. They can also get stuck or be pressed accidentally.

Users turn to professionals to restore the functionality of the keys and extend the keyboard’s lifespan.

One of the common reasons for repairs is cleaning dust and dirt. Professionals perform thorough cleaning to address this issue.

Another common problem is keys getting stuck. Professionals will dismantle the keyboard, remove dust and dirt. If necessary, they will replace worn keys to restore functionality.

Keyboard repair may also include cable replacement and repair of damaged contacts. Diagnosis and qualified intervention are required.

If you are looking for where to get your keyboard repaired in Andorra, we await you at the following address: Carrer Bonaventura Armengol, 7, Andorra la Vella.