Screen Replacement

The screen is considered the most crucial part of any mobile phone, both in modern and older models. In unfortunate situations, it can break. In this case, screen replacement should be done as soon as possible. Without it, the mobile device owner won’t be able to fully enjoy their gadget.

Screen replacement in Andorra la Vella is one of the primary services offered by our service center. For many years, we have specialized in phone repairs and screen replacements for all well-known brands of mobile devices. Our clients include not only individuals who have purchased iPhones, Xiaomi phones, but also owners of many other smartphone models and brands. The cost of the screen replacement service will be accessible to every customer.

We have almost all original screens available in our warehouse for many smartphones. That’s why screen replacement in Andorra is usually done quickly. The repair time is usually just a few hours. In some cases, it might extend to a day or more. However, our experienced specialists will immediately inform the mobile device owner if there are any delays in the service at our center.

As the main cases in which screen replacement in Andorra la Vella is needed, the following can be mentioned:

  • Phone drop resulting in cracks on the glass. We guarantee it’s possible to repair the broken screen of any phone. In this case, the device is disassembled, the touch glass is replaced, and testing is done.
  • Matrix failure. When this problem arises, our specialists perform the replacement of the screen module.
  • Entry of water or other liquids into the mobile device. In this case, drying the phone won’t lead to positive results. Replacement of the touch screen is necessary.
  • Appearance of chips on the screen glass.
  • Appearance of deep scratches on the glass.

If you need professional screen replacement in Andorra, contact us. Our qualified specialists will conduct a diagnosis of the screen’s condition and the phone itself. Only original parts are used to carry out the necessary tasks. In situations where screen replacement is not required to solve the problem, our organization’s employees will perform other necessary tasks, such as restoring the electrical connection of microchips.

Today, every modern phone has a screen with a complex structure. Therefore, it’s very important to correctly identify the part of the screen that is damaged before replacement. For this purpose, our service center has specialized and modern equipment.

Every owner of mobile devices must understand that, regardless of the cause of the screen breakage, they should not attempt to solve the problem themselves. Only professional screen replacement in Andorra la Vella guarantees the complete restoration of the functionality of their favorite gadget. We guarantee fast and quality results at an affordable price for every customer. Our reasonable prices have already helped many people in the city continue using their mobile devices.

Need a quick screen replacement in Andorra? Then give us a call!